Bezzie is the perfect food for your best friend

My golden retriever is a handful when it comes to eating healthy. He is 2 years old and a mischievous one, he likes to break things and search for random objects. In order to do so, he will destroy anything that comes in his way. Although he is an active boy, he has always been a picky eater. He never ate well enough for me to let anyone dog sit him, because the ritual to make him eat a nutritious meal was hectic.

I couldn’t possibly trust anyone to prepare, cook and feed him the way I do! Even then I struggled with feeding Alec, he would just spit out his food without hesitation. I started throwing combinations to make him the perfect food bowl. But nothing was working as well and I realized that my work was increased at a great pace.

Then a dog owner recommended Bezzie to me, at a Facebook community. I just knew I had to try it, if it meant that I could reduce the time and energy on meal prep. I also got a Bezzie discount code from the group and it felt like a win-win at a small cost!

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