How Little Spoon helped my weight loss journey

Being overweight can take a toll on your mental health as well as physical. You feel fatigue and can’t get a goodnight sleep.

Almost a year ago I gained some extra weight sitting at home, which made me feel depressed, headaches, and having high blood pressure.

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Journey of losing my weight

  • Around 6 months ago, I started having some medical issues as my back used to hurt always.
  • I went to a medical checkup and also found out that I have high blood pressure.
  • Things I used to like, to eat – I couldn’t do it anymore. Which made me feel uncertain and I stopped meeting my friends.
  • The journey from 110 kilos to 78 kilos was not easy for me but I did it and was worth it.

My meal plans

I used to have one apple, 6 almonds, and one cup of black tea every morning. At lunch time, I start preparing a green salad with tofu, and when it comes to dinner I try to avoid fatty food and prioritize consuming vegan food like Mediterranean lentil salad with tomatoes and peppers.

Plans for my workout

Workout is an important task to do every day when it comes to weight loss. I started doing exercises on the recommendation of my trainer and burned around 750-850 kilo calories each day.

I started with two sessions each of 20 minutes, once in the early morning after breakfast and once before dinner. Weight loss can be done by doing simple math and calculating your calorie intake and workout plan.

I used to keep myself motivated by clicking pictures after reaching a milestone. The wallpaper on my cellphone was when I had 110 kilos. Comparing myself every time I feel demotivated by old pictures made me feel better by knowing I have come so far.

Treat your body with care so that whenever you get cravings to eat junk food, you can prevent eating unhealthy meals.

The difficulty I faced the most

When I was above 110 kilos, my skin aging procedure accelerated as compared to my friends. After losing weight and burning the fat stored in my body all the time, I won’t stop and prioritize toughening my body and bringing it to good shape.

The change I brought in my life is by controlling the cravings I feel. Now I have enough control to avoid non vegan foods. Little Spoon really helped me be consistent with my plant based diet. The meal kits saved my health and taste buds.

During my journey I realized nothing is impossible if put your mind into it.

You just have to be focused on your goals or task. Do not divert your mind to any kind of negativity. Now after losing weight I can enjoy my life without risks at my heart and with great energy and stamina.